How to use chopsticks

1. Split a pair chopsticks.
2. Hold one stick with the third finger and the thumb.
3. Hold the other with the thumb, foreigner and middle finger.
4. You can pick up food easily by moving the upper chopstick.
In this way, you can eat pleasantly. Take these chopsticks home and practice.
You will be able to use them well in a couple of days!

How should we eat sushi?

Pick up sushi with chopsticks or fingers and dip the toppings into the soy sauce.

Eating suggestions

1. Place a small amount of soya sauce int he dish.
2. Dip the wasabi int he soya sauce.
3. Using fingers or chopsticks dip ginger in soya sauce.
4. Place the dipped ginger ont he sushi. In this way the sushi is not too salty.

Bon apetite!