Ladies and Gentlemen!

Our delivery team with great attention and care try to do everything in order for you to not lack anything if you want to enjoy the taste of our dishes in your home.

LEROY EXPRESS want to maximize your convenience to serve. When guests arrive at dinner, but you do not want in the kitchen, turning sürögve to host them, you can order a freshly EXPRESS LEROY prepares the meals for you.

LEROY EXPRESS courier is currently in Annexes I, II., V, VI., VII., XII., XIII., Districts, or III., VIII., IX., XI., Some parts of the districts shipped!

For us it is important that our food, with the usual quality and you can enjoy our menu constantly renewed range, the more we may get home.

Chef can offer in the kitchens of the world's specialties offers a set up, we want to ensure this option for home offices (chef offers from informs you during the home delivery menu).

We hope to service their liking!

Faithfully yours,